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About Me...

Here's 10 Things I Want You To Know About Me

  1. ​I'm 12 years old and I LOVE to read. My parents say that I've been reading since I was 18 months. They bought something called, "Your Baby can read". 

  2. My favorite book is Harry Potter. 

  3. I  know every single word to the Hamilton Soundtrack. 

  4. I love to draw, obviously! I think I want to go to college for art. 

  5. I usually get a belly laugh in every day. 

  6. I think it's really important to be kind to others.

  7. Dancing is just what I do! My mom was dancing when I was in her belly. I've taken tap, ballet, contemporary, african and hip hop. I even danced for the LuvaBULLS! Hip Hop is my favorite. 

  8. My dad and I love going to the movies. 

  9. I like being a BOSS like my mom! My business will help me save for college one day. 

  10. Lastly, many people say that I'm really confident. I'm really passionate about inspiring other girls to love the skin they're in like I do!

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